two weeks to go…

Not even. I fly out two weeks yesterday, to London. On a red-eye. I’m going to be able to just dope myself up and nap the whole way to London, on my Virgin Atlantic flight.

My mommy brought me my UK passport last night, so now, I just need travellers cheques. Most of the groundwork has been done – hostel and hotel reservations, Eurostar ticket bought in advance, maps and guidebooks studied. Now, I just need to pack, and get myself to LAX by 7pm on the 27th to jetset my way to London.

For those of you who would like to know what I’m doing, as planned, so far, here’s my tentative plans.

4/27 (Thursday):

  • leave LAX on 9pm flight to London

4/28 (Friday):

  • arrive London (Heathrow) at 4pm local time
  • proceed directly to Generator Hostel in London. I picked this one because it was Lonely Planet approved and recommended as a great place to party and meet people. And Terry Gilliam’s Brazil was referenced in that description. And because it is not too far from Camden and Islington, which, as I understand it, is where most of the goth and post-punk is.
  • go out with chai_tea_latte, if possible, which, as most Vancouverites know, means, “stay out until 4am drinking”

4/29 (Saturday):

  • wake up and try to shake hangover
  • see as much as possible – Westminster, the Tower, the early Ango-Saxon museums just outside the City…
  • go out again, because it is London, although I have not yet decided whether it is worthwhile going to Slimelight, which was the London version of Bar Sinister, but has gone downhill over the last few years, according to websites. I need more research and to actually ask a goth in London

4/30 (Sunday):

  • British Museum day!
  • Synthgoth show!

5/1 (Monday):

  • Spend day with dufresne
  • Drag him to City of London museum and Tate Gallery

5/2 (Tuesday):

  • VERY EARLY Eurostar to Paris
  • Check into hotel in Marais
  • Walk across city to meet my friends in the 8eme, as they are coming in from Amsterdam

5/3 (Wednesday) through 5/6 (Saturday)

  • With the crew; will run off their schedule and wander off where possible
  • Except for Saturday, when I am going to the goth club
  • Which seems to be more like the Mercury, as it is members only and will require negotiation

5/7 (Sunday):

  • Eurostar to London. Weep at leaving Paris, which will probably be ten times worse than when I cried at leaving New Orleans
  • Proceed directly to Heathrow
  • 3pm flight home, which gets me to LAX at 6:30PST
  • Sleep a lot on plane, as I don’t plan to in Paris

And then it’s back to work, with only memories and photos of my Euroadventure.

Then again, looking at this passport – who said I even have to come back?

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