and now…the tale of some extreme geeking out

I realized that I double-booked myself next Tuesday. Whereas I would like to go to the 80s video game inspired art opening, and even so much as suggested it as a quasi-date, I already have a BarCampLA geek dinner to go to.

Looks like someone forgot to update and check her SpongeCell calendar again. I use SpongeCell because it’s quick, easy, and has an RSS feed so my nerd friends can also access it.

Then I realized – maybe I could download the iCal file to my Outlook, and then sync to my devices. Unfortunately, I don’t have the hotfix for that. And I am too impatient to get the service pack for my Windows and order the hotfix from Microsoft.

So instead, I downloaded Mozilla Calendar, and installed that. Then I imported the .ics file from Spongecell. THEN I exported THAT to a .vcs file – which could be imported into Outlook.

And now I can sync my devices – my BlackBerry and my Creative Zen MP3 player – with my Outlook calendar.

An hour of work, a two minute import process, and a workaround so I don’t double book myself in future. Isn’t geeking out fun?

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