the much-requested photos of that pvc dress

Everyone remember the infamous PVC dress I bought off eBay a few weeks ago that, miraculously, fit me perfectly?

I wore it out to Bar Sinister tonight. My friend Amanda took photos. They are behind the cut.

front of dress:

Yes, I am actually attempting to look as disturbing as possible in the photos, which is why I do not have my usual flip-top head grin in place. However, I think we can all agree that this outfit is awesome. The armlets were part of a matched set that came with a bustier from the same eBay merchant.

This was before we actually tightened the lacing – I seem to have lost a bit of weight in the last few weeks. You will all note that my tattoo is showing, which I particularly appreciate.

Still. See what I mean about it fitting like it was made for me? Because it does.

Tonight, we walked in to “The Hand That Feeds” (off NIN’s With Teeth). And not long after that, “Everything Counts” came on, and then Covenant’s “Dead Stars”, and then VNV Nation, “Standing”, which is, like, only one of my favorite songs ever. I know I say this every time I get home, but this is why I go to Bar Sinister. I like the fashion and the getting dressed, and I like seeing the scene, the people, the fashion and behavior, but I love, love, love the playlists, and can happily lose two hours dancing to a mix of songs I adore. I mean, they played “Head Like A Hole” at the end of the evening! To which, I squealed, and bounced out onto the dance floor.

And now I’m a happy camper, and my dancing feet are tired, and I’m going to take my headphones off and go to sleep. G’night everybody!

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