words of wisdom for out of towners

I met Mac from L.A. Voice on Saturday at BarCamp. He was one of the bloggers I really wanted to meet, because I have a lot of respect for the site and for his posts and commentary on it. Plus, he always reposts about my CODEPINK events at my request.

Which is why, although I’m not surprised at his entry today on Los Angeles Misinterpreted, I still think it’s brilliant. With the Oscars this weekend, I think that the world has had too much opportunity to reinforce their fictional stereotypes of L.A. Crash is closer to the truth than what the out of towners write about, and even THAT is cliched and over the top. L.A. is a reality, a city like any other world megalopolis, not the 1% that’s pushed through magazines, not the image designed to sell merchandise and media. I’m delighted to see one of our local bloggers countering that, and only hope those out of towners take note.

Out Of Town Journalists: Shut Up! (LA Voice.org, 3/7/06)

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