barcampla :: day one

Yesterday, I wandered into the Little Radio warehouse in downtown Los Angeles, and found a whole tribe of geeks.

I’m writing this up for instead of my own blog, but here’s some related links:

  • I was interviewed for last night David Markland’s Vlog of BarCampLA There’s a lot of clips of other people, from Weblogs and Buzznet, but if you’re reading this, then you’re really only interested in me rambling into the camera, right?
  • Photos are being uploaded to Flickr constantly. In fact, some of them are being uploaded right off the cell phones they’re taken on.

    I’m heading back down there shortly, but check out BarCampLA! I’m presenting this afternoon on Viral Interactive Marketing with the guys behind Blogebrity (because I used to work with Jeremy down at the Giant Binoculars) Maybe this means I can at least get onto their C-list.

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