the 21st century geek version of a princess phone

After a week of mishaps, I finally got my new Vonage internet phone to work. This is a wireless phone that works directly with the Internet. If it can pick up wi-fi, it can make Vonage’s trademark free long distance calls to the US and Canada. After having Phone 1.0 develop an error while auto-installing firmware, Phone 1.1 arrived, and managed to update itself without self-destructing. And after ten minutes of argument with it this morning (less than I expected), I set the wi-fi security codes and had it attach itself to the Surf Shaque network.

I have absolutely no real need for a wi-fi phone. Except for the fact that it is a cool new toy to have. The only real need I have for it will be when I am in Europe, because then I can call home for free anywhere there is open wi-fi. And I could have done that through Vonage’s website, on their phone interface. However, this is easier, smaller, and I can also use it to find open-access points in the neighborhood – as the staff point out, it’s a wi-fi detection device as well. With Cingular charging me 20 cents a minute to call Canada, now I can call home while not at home – and call the States and/or work from Victoria when visiting Mom and Dad. And when wi-max comes in, I should be able to use this thing like a regular cell phone.

Most importantly though, I’m back on Vonage, so I can call home. Mom and Dad like that. So do I.

And totally unrelated – but how could I not take this quiz:
You are Louis. You have discovered that you will
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