why it should have been westcot

There is a VERY LONG AND RANTING blog entry due about Why California Adventure Sucks. Except for Soarin’. If this blog entry were a term paper, I would call it “From Los Angel Lies To Sham Francisco: Reinforcement of Mid 20th Century Tourist Propaganda in Disney’s California Adventure” Or maybe I could call it, “Walt Disney’s White Supremacist Legacy: Omission, Selective Perception and Racism In Disney’s California Adventure.” Actually, now that I think about it, that should be an entire chapter in the book I will never get around to writing. However believe me, when I write this blog entry, it will be fucking footnoted and annotated with research materials. Carey McWilliams will be quoted in all his sarcastic glory.

But for now, I have two or three projects that are on the go that I have to toddle off and work on, so that particular entry shall have to wait. And that’s not even counting BarCamp, because I haven’t heard whether or not my proposal for a presentation has been accepted yet. But rest assured, folks – THAT ENTRY IS COMING. And I guarantee I will use the phrase “American imperialist agenda” at least four times in it.

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