she had to leave…los angeles

(x, los angeles)

Short entry tonight – I’m typing over a lapful of cat. And I mean a lapful. This thing is 22 pounds of purring fur and fat.

A post on MetBlogging L.A. reminded me – I always meant to post a list of songs about L.A.

Bad Religion – Los Angeles Is Burning
Bran Van 3000 – Drinking in L.A.Go Betty Go – I’m From L.A.
X – Los Angeles
Missing Persons – Nobody Walks In L.A.
RHCP – Under the Bridge
The Like – June Gloom
Weezer – Beverly Hills
Everclear – Santa Monica
Felix da Housecat – Everyone Is Someone In L.A.
Ozomatli – pretty much any song will do
Ditty Bops – ditto

Songs I associate with L.A. even though it isn’t explicit:

Sisters of Mercy – Detonation Boulevard (“through the angel rain, through the dust & the gasoline)
Alice in Chains – No Excuses (“leave our rain, a cold trade for warm sunshine”)
Counting Crows – Long December
REM – South Central Rain

So those are the songs I would put on an L.A. mix tape.
Anything else?

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