Los Angeles Below Rolls on Surface Streets

Mack at L.A. Voice has posted a great article about biking in L.A..

The keystone of this post is a link tothis outstanding article detailing this month’s Ridazz ride, which I wrote up for blogging.la The author also expands on some additional bike culture in L.A. – like the Bike Kitchen, which is the hub of the community that run Ridazz and BikeSummer/BikeWinter, and a lot of the other activities I go to.

It’s a whole underground culture, biking in L.A. I fell into it through Critical Mass, and love it more every ride I go on. The links are great resources, for those wanting a recap, or wanting to find out how you, too, can join cycle culture in Los Angeles. (You can also read cicle.org, linked at right, which is another site I’ll be blogging for)

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