a los angeles style makeover

BLOGGING DOT L.A. has just had a complete makeover! The new site design just launched! Go check it out!

By the way, since I’m putting way more blog-energy into that site, a list of everything I’ve posted there can be found on my author profile page. Most recent posts include writeups of my weekend experiences with the Holley Trolley, at Saints & Sinners in West L.A., and a very long post today about community responsibility and regentrification. I’m trying to become one of the top ten most vocal posters in the MetBlogs system by the end of next month, so I’m fixing to post daily if possible.

And from around the rest of the blogosphere, Mayor Sam has written about another Canadian girl in Los Angeles, Sister Aimee Semple, who, no doubt would have preached enthusiastically about the evils of alcohol like in this really bad idea of alcohol in a tube.

I should be doing about eight other things right now – going for a bike ride, cleaning house, working on freelance stuff, creating some viral support online for a CODEPINK campaign. In that order. So therefore, I’ll shut the hell up now.

Plus, I’m hungry. Being as self-righteous as I just was in my last b.la post really works up an appetite.

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