you sleep walk, a robot, out to the street, you’re crazy to want this, even for a while…

(Matt Good, “strange days”, Beautiful Midnight

I’m on Day Four with very little sleep. Hence, the sleepwalking/sleepworking/sleepblogging. I’ve had some sort of extracurricular activity every day after work this week. Well, except Monday. Then, I just had work, but it was Carly’s last Monday with us, so we had to watch Futurama and Degrassi High in MST:3K fashion one last time. But between those and staying up late to move my things into Carly’s old room, I’ve been a bit short on zzzz’s.

Tuesday, however, we had the CODEPINK State of the Union address party, with Liar’s Bingo, at Yankee Doodle’s on the Promenade. I chose the bar because they hosted our kickball division last season, and they have a half-dozen TV’s in the almost always unused downstairs. It was a rousing success, which made me happy – and watching with my fellow peaceniks made the SoTU half-truths and lies easier to watch without throwing up.

Wednesday was the first game of the kickball winter season! It was good to be back with the kickball crew, good to be out in the field, good to be standing behind home plate, tensing to kick. We had a lot of new people who came out, and I had to wonder if any of them were there thanks to my posts all over the L.A. blogosphere. Run a Google search for “los angeles kickball”, and the first result up is my post on I am the Voice of Kickball for L.A., it seems – at least, on the Intarweb.

Tonight, I’m going to the wake for the Ambassador Hotel, one of the last relics of old Hollywood to be torn down or reincarnated. Then I’m hoping to catch my friends down at the Whaler for Thursday night karaoke. However, being a history nerd took precedence over goofy mass karaoke. But both took precedence over sleep.

Fortunately, I like being this way, being able to do so much. So I’m not complaining about skipping sleep, but rather, I’m expressing happiness that I have such good reasons to stay up. That my life is so full, that I have so much to experience. Even if it does lead to weeks when I sleep walk like a robot for a while.

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