photos from downtown

I love downtown Los Angeles. Don’t ask me why. It just fascinates me. Even the parts where no English is spoken, even the ruins of the theater – it is a century of constant living, of the city shifting, of history moving forward. Maybe it’s because I’m enthralled by this archaelogical quality, by the idea of the buildings falling down from neglect within a century.

This is the link for a series of photos of downtown, posted by Above Sunset today.

L.A. has changed and shifted, degenerated and regenerated, and reincarnated its downtown against its will. Looking at downtown, you can see the layers of history, the hopes and visions of city planners long since dead. It is a cross section of history; it is a cacophony of the city’s self-images, all on top of and next to each other.

And I adore it.

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