today’s pick of the myspace crop

Yes, it’s time to share another choice MySpace unsolicited email with the world! I get one or two emails a week from random guys on MySpace. Some are smart, and write intelligent letters based on the interests I list in my profile. Some, I even go so far as to meet in real life, if I feel they have compatible senses of humour. Of course, I ended that practice for a few months after I went out with one guy who wouldn’t shut up about tickle torture for the entire evening – but that’s a whole other story in itself.

Today’s email comes from a gentleman named “The Poet”. He’s an interesting character in that he insists that his choice of scantily clad ladies for his MySpace friends is because he appreciates “beautiful things”. Which, apparently, includes Jenna Jameson. He would like us to know, he’s the last of the great intellectuals. And he also sent me a lovely poem, which I’m sure he also sent to many other girls in the state of California:

have you ever been kissed by the stars?
looking up into the night sky
vast emptiness
thinking that you are alone
wondering if you are seen
then suddenly it happens
first one
then a dozen
the stars come out to kiss you
wait just a moment
be patient
do not rush away thinking you missed it
sometimes stopping and taking a long breath is needed
close your eyes
count out the slow steadying beats of your heart
then look up
let it wash over you
the kisses as they appear
one by one
inch by inch
mile by vast mile in the nights blackness
have you ever been kissed by the stars?
i have and it is wonderful

Really, I don’t know where to begin with this. I count at least a half dozen cliches. But maybe I missed it. Maybe I need to stop and count out the slow steadying beats of my heart. Maybe I should write him back and tell him how moving I found his poem. It certainly moved itself to the trash can of my mailbox very quickly.

Stay tuned, as I continue to bring you…Unsolicited Emails from Random Guys on MySpace!

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