i’m a real blogger now!

Looks like I’m going to get my chance to blog for Blogging Dot L.A.. I’m ridiculously excited about this. Finally, a site where posting too much is a good thing!

Blogging on blogging.la was actually one of my goals for 2006. I wanted to be able to share my views and perspectives on my city with the rest of its citizens – and writing for blogging.la is a perfect opportunity to do so. I’m a fan of the site and read it daily as it is, so posting on it daily shouldn’t be too hard.

And, in a nice coincidence, this is also the week of my ten year blogiversary. My first recorded post on my old, hand-coded HTML site dates to January 27th, 1996. I have been rambling off into the internet for my entire adult life. My writing’s definitely improved as a result – I’ll be posting some of the early, incoherent teenage posts soon – but it’s nice to know that, after ten years of writing for a couple dozen readers (I’m guessing that’s how many regulars I have), I’m going to get to write for hundreds of readers.

And, best of all, I get to write about my favorite subject, Los Angeles. My home, my city, my family’s adopted ancestral homeland. Other Jewish families say “Next year, Jerusalem!”, mine says, “next year, Los Angeles!”. I am fascinated by this city, and in love with it as a result. So I’m happy to have been chosen to share that with the world.

I’ll announce when I start posting, but in the meantime, check out http://www.blogging.la .

Oh, and for the record, this also builds in one more two-degree connection between me and Wil Wheaton. I think he’s the Kevin Bacon of my universe.

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