the music meme

(because this whole entry is about music, I didn’t pull a lyrics quote for it. That, and I’m lazy.)

I should be working – but instead, I’ve been listening to the Rhapsody radio station for Parisian indie pop, and surfing Paris related website. En francais, bien sur, parce que je dois lire ainsi je peux comprendre. In short, I need the practice in reading French as much as possible.

Still, it’s shocking how much of my high school French I actually remember. I took advanced French up through grade 12, and had some excellent teachers (one of whom was actually French), but I also graduated high school almost eleven years ago. Perhaps the language is still living in my brain somewhere. But being able to read – and understand – French means I can use Paris local websites, rather than relying on tourist info. It means I can run Google searches for French-only pages, and read whatever the Paris equivalent is of the L.A. Weekly

Actually, this is the first time in my life that those hundreds of hours of French study have actually been used in real life. So there, Pierre Trudeau! I salute your memory! Your edict that all Canadian schoolchildren shall learn French rather than a useful language is actually of some benefit to someone from BC. (We learn Parisian French in BC, out of textbooks, not Quebecois French, so even if we do get to fluency, it still won’t help for any sort of hopeful cross-cultural understanding)

Anyways. Where was I? Oh, right, the Music Meme. Hey, did y’all know that I blog about music on my Myspace profile? That’s right. I do. When I listen to new stuff, I usually post about it there, because almost every band out there (except for Assemblage 23, because he hates MySpace) has a MySpace profile. Hence:

As for the meme (I’m getting to it!) I put my Rhapsody playlist on Random though, which is sort of cheating, because it doesn’t cost me to add albums to it, and I have 6158 tracks on it. For the uninitiated, this is where you put your music on “random” and find images of the first ten bands that come up. Then you get your friends to guess the bands.

Here’s what I got:

velocity girl

<!– 1. velocity girl –>

<!– 2. pulp –>

<!– 3. annie –>

<!– 4. erasure –>

<!– 5. wumpscut–>
sisters of mercy

<!– 6. sisters of mercy –>

<!– 7. smashing pumpkins –>

<!– 8. futureheads –>

<!– 9. tori amos –>
the redwalls

<!– 10. the redwalls –>

I left the labels on for Wumpscut, and for the Pumpkins. There were no Wumpscut photos, and who WOULDN’T recognize Billy “Hairless Cat” Corgan?

Now, for those of you surprised that some of my most-played and talked about bands weren’t on here (well, with one notable exception), here’s a few more:

depeche mode

<!– 1. depeche mode –>

(jillian’s favorite musical artist)
sunny day real estate

<!– 2. sunny day real estate –>

(favorite emo/indie band)

<!– 3. vnv nation –>

favorite gothic synthpop band

<!– 4. nine inch nails –>

another favorite musical artist

Most of this is ridiculously easy, so happy guessing, y’all!

(and seriously, if you don’t recognize Trent Reznor’s I AM ANGRY AND SAD ALL AT ONCE AND BROODING BECAUSE JOHNNY CASH MADE ME LOOK LIKE A WHINY BITCH WHEN HE COVERED HURT expression – you haven’t seen enough pop culture related stuff in the last few years.)

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