the picture you’ll see, infatuates me // the mirror you’ll see, has a memory

(ladytron, “white light generator”, Witching Hour)

I’m making it a goal this year to Flickrize all the backlog of photos I have on my computer. They’re all neatly sorted and dated against the day when I could publish them, and now, thanks to Flickr, I can upload them in neat little sets!

This is actually one of my all time favorite photoblog sequences:

On The Road To Los Angeles, May, 2004:

It includes some absolutely gorgeous shots of the Oregon Coast and Mendocino, plus the photos from when I biked over the Golden Gate Bridge while in San Francisco on the way down. Corresponding journal entries are filed under the last six days of May, 2004. I was at my happiest that week, on the road, exploring America, without a past or a future for a few days time. I remember riding through the streets of Eureka on my bike the morning I woke up there, listening to an overly cheerful synthpop track and feeling like I was just going to fly off the ground and into the sunshine. Being on the road has that effect on me – but being on the road in scenery like I had on that drive, was enough to make me wonder – did I fly off the cliffs? was I still on Earth? had I somehow gone to a paradise without knowing it?

Anyways. Y’all check out the photos, because they’re pretty. And stay tuned as more appear.

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