one night in paris

I hate to admit this – but I’m actually considering moving my Paris vacation up to February and going to see the Depeche Mode shows there, instead of going with my friends in May.

And I’d actually do it if I thought I could get away with it and take the week out of the office. The airfare is less expensive, I could fly on Saturdays, and there’s three Depeche Mode shows in Paris that week – I could go to at least two of them.

I think the question is at what point this goes from having a favorite band to obsessive fandom. Because I wouldn’t fly anywhere else but Paris or London for Depeche Mode, just like I probably wouldn’t have gone to NIN if they hadn’t been in a city I like visiting last November. I’m willing to reschedule a vacation around concerts, although I wouldn’t change a destination just to see a band I really liked. And this is more about the concert experience than the band itself – few things make me as happy as seeing Depeche Mode live.

So the question is – do I take vacation sooner rather than later? Could I even get away with that at work? Is it worth rescheduling a trip to Paris to go on my own rather than with friends? (I’m more likely to ditch my friends anyways on vacation though – I spent New Orleans wandering on my own rather than with the people from L.A.) Is it worth braving Paris in late winter to see Depeche Mode twice more? (three times if you count that it would put me in L.A. for Coachella)

It’s a tough decision, but one I’d have to make within the next two weeks. I’ll have to talk with some people at work, talk with my friends, do some number crunching, work more on freelance stuff. Can I afford to jet off to Paris just to see a couple concerts? Then again, given that I’ve re-watched the Exciter tour Paris show DVD (“One Night in Paris”) three times since buying it last week, can I NOT afford to?

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