we are the dead of night, we’re in the zombie room

When I started blogging, ten years ago this month, I always used a song lyric as the title of each entry. Therefore, as I celebrate my Ten Year Blogiversary this year, I shall continue to do so.

Today’s quote is from “Dead of Night”, which is off Exciter, which was never my favorite Depeche Mode album, but it fits. Because we went to Bar Sinister last night. Seven of us. Including one friend who had never been. We went, we saw, we had a wonderful time. And now, today, I’m ludicrously hung over, because he faux-absinthe there is just trouble.

Still, I love going to Bar Sinister. I love just being there. I love watching the outfits that people put together, and being able to dance to music I know entirely too well, and going with people who are also . And an hour into it, the even the newly-induced friend said, “Hey, this place is pretty cool.”

“You’re just saying that because it’s full of girls in slutty goth outfits.”

“Yeah,” he said, “that too, but it’s still pretty cool. I’ll go with you anytime.”

The club was strangely packed, too. There was a twenty minute line when we arrived at ten thirty, and by the time the last of our number made it to the line at midnight, it was close to an hour. It was almost impossible to move anywhere by the main bar area, the fetish/play area upstairs was full to fire department issued capacity, and the outside patio had six rows of people watching the live band. I wouldn’t expect the club to be so busy the first weekend after New Year’s, but I’m always happy to see the demand. A full club is also a club that isn’t going to cease existence anytime soon.

However, now I’m just in some hangover pain, and I have to go to my boss’ house to “work”. Which I am not entirely overly enthused about. Fortunately, she lives in an expensive complex by the Grove, which is just chock-full of B-listers, and I believe we’re planning to “work” by the pool. I’m going to get my act together and head that way, as soon as I finish this handful of Tums and aspirin. As much as I love Bar Sinister, I have got to stop getting quite so drunk while there. Trouble, thy name is absinthe indeed!

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