it’s like a snow day in 80 degree weather!

My boss just called to let me know that Beverly Hills just had a blackout last night. There’s nothing about it on any of my L.A. blog feeds (including the LAFD blog), and nothing on the LATimes site. Nor is there info on the DWP site.

However, the DWP site does have a section on Ezra Scattergood, who was apparently the William Mullholand of electricity in L.A. Who knew?

Regardless, no one can work in the L.A. office today. Hence, I get to work offsite. And if I hadn’t left my dayplanner with all yesterday’s meeting notes that I have to type up today in it, I’d be able to just stay in my neighborhood all day. D’OH! Still, it’s nice to have a bit more flexibility than usual.

On that note, I think I’ll walk over to the farmer’s market for a few minutes. Then I’ll go into Temporary Office At Boss’ House. Yay, snow day.

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