just can’t get enough

As is my tendency when I’m on the Island, I have nothing better to do than post many short posts to my LJ.

And I’m pretty sure I forgot to mention that Depeche Mode are headlining Coachella this year.

Now. Last year, I decided I could live without seeing Nine Inch Nails at Coachella. I cannot live without seeing Depeche Mode. I will MOPE AND CRY, dammit. I think I expressed that in my writeup of the Touring the Angel tour.

The catch is that, right about when Depeche Mode go on stage, I’m scheduled to be on a flight from Heathrow to Charles de Gaulle, enroute from London to Paris on vacation. Long story.

I know it’s kind of a win-win situation. I just wish I could do both the festival and the trip, without having to miss one or the other.

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