king kong

I found it very difficult to watch “King Kong” tonight without thinking about the Treehouse of Horror spoof (“King Homer”).

Summary? It is a decent movie, but I think that two or three movies could have been made out of it. Easily. It just took too long, and went off in too many directions. Was it about fame & money’s corrosive effects? Was it Jurassic Park? Was it a love story about a giant ape that makes happy grunty noises like my dog does? NO ONE KNOWS!

However, the s/fx rocked. And there were a few scenes that I even had to close my eyes for. Although those were scenes that INVOLVED GIANT INSECTS. Note to those who, like I, have extreme aversion to insects and spiders: THERE’S GIANT INSECTS. And not even Adrien Brody can make up for that.

I’d write more, but I’m falling asleep sitting up. Night all!

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