how high’s the water, momma?

Ten feet and rising – or at least the swells are on the beach:

Roomate and I walked down to Venice Pier last night, stopping for peppermint mochas on the way, and went to go check out the supposed Waves of Death.

Venice Pier was closed. In a most forboding manner. So it was very anticlimactic when we clambered over the big wall of sand (bulldozed up to protect us from winter storms) to find that the waves looked pretty much like they always have. I wanted to see giant freak waves, completely out of rhythm, pounding with surfer-killing intensity on Venice Beach. I was disappointed.

It’s still worrying me though. Even though the year cycle completed yesterday with the solstice, I’m still concerned that the Earth has more coming for us. Tsunami, Katrina, earthquakes…so much tragedy and misery this year. If there’s more destruction coming, Los Angeles is as good a place as any for it to happen. Freak waves may, for all I know, be a precursor to L.A. falling into the ocean.

It’s also supposed to be 85F (about 27C) on Chrismukkah Day. THAT’s also a little too sci-fi for my taste.

I’m back up to the nice, predictable Pacific Northwest tomorrow though. At least, if L.A. has to fall into the ocean, I can hope it doesn’t decide to do it while I’m here.

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