sound f/x at the shaque

Monday night, we were all hanging around the house, watching Aqua Teen. Well, Andrew and I were. Carly was elsewhere, probably dealing with the Morbidly Obese Cat.

However, when the cartoon ended, we heard a strange sound. It took a moment to figure out what it was. My first instinct when I hear a woman moaning is that someone’s having sex – but this wasn’t really a moan. It was more of an “unnnngh,” noise than an “ohhhhh” noise.

That’s why I had to actually call my roomates over to listen and verify that it was our neighbor’s girlfriend, and not just someone, say, moving furniture in a very vocal manner. But no, eventually the cries took on some semblance of actual passion, which verified to us that it was indeed our neighbor going at it.

Bad enough that she’s a screamer.
Worse, that she’s a bad screamer.
Worse still that the whole thing, from first “unnnngh” to last “aiiiiiiiii!” took maybe five minutes.

Of course, Carly has devised a revenge. A more terrible one that I could have come up with. Maybe that will save us all from the strange noises coming through the wall.

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