the year in music

The Onion AV Club’s Best of 2005 is out.

Do I have a top list for 2005 done yet? Of course not. Beyond the obvious three (Depeche Mode, “Playing the Angel”, Nine Inch Nails, “With Teeth” and VNV Nation, “Matter + Form”), I’d have to think about what to put on it. I can think of some really awesome new artists whose albums I’ve listened to a few times, but I’d have to sit down and make a list of the ones that really caught my attention. I can think of four or five new artists (or new to me) whose 2005 releases I absolutely adored, but a 2005 Best Of list is a big thing to have to make.

Especially when Layton‘s debut CD just arrived on my desk, but can’t be played by my crappy work computer CD player. And I REALLY WANT TO LISTEN TO IT, because the samples on MySpace were really good!

I’m listening to The Go! Team right now though, and really into it. The trumpets just remind me of the Price is Right soundtrack. Ha.

Now, I just have two questions for the reader base:

1. what were your top albums of 2005 and why?

2. should I go see “She Wants Revenge” next Monday, or should I go see the 103.1 Holiday Show (with Vagenius and the Dollyrots and Drugstore Cowgirls) instead? I’m leaning towards the former – even if the latter sounds like a kickass show.

7 responses to “the year in music

  1. My top albums of 2005. Well, I would have to say, that even though it came out last year, “Patience” by George Michael is still very much at the top of the list. I’ve also been hard pressed to take “The Greatest Hits” by Van Halen out of my CD player in my car. The other top album for me is an EP by “Faktion”. I love knowing that people I actually know are having a CD released on a major label in less than two months. These guys rock! I’ve also recently purchased an EP by “DAX”. You would really like these guys. Check out the site.

  2. Yeah, heh, I knew about this. It’s a shame, he should have just let that die with her.

  3. Did you check out Dax’s website? Did you listen to any of the music? You need to, because you will be receiving a CD from me in the near-ish future. Just waiting for it to arrive here and then I’ll send it on.

  4. OK, I’m slow – what’s the URL?

  5. The more I talk to Dax, the more I think he is a cool assed mother fucker! You’d really like him! I mean, really like him! Hey, do you happen to know the address of The Church? Or at least what road it’s on?

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