something to love about L.A.

One of the many things I love about Los Angeles is that it is rife with random Tacky Houses. The kind you only get in America. The kind that, if they were in a small town, would be mentioned on Roadside America.

Unfortunately, because this is L.A., they are overshadowed by Greater Tackyness, such as, well, Hollywood (all of), Watts Towers, et al. There’s a plague of weird houses in this town though, from the dozens of Fairy Tale Revival houses (a 1930s trend) to the Art Deco monstrosities to the house in Venice that’s covered in tiles and scraps of glass that I keep meaning to take photos of.

And then there’s things like the House of 1000 Davids:

I have to thank LosAnjealous for posting that. I didn’t realize such a thing existed, much less existed as a Christmas feature.

And here I thought the plague of lions in Vancouver was bad. Lions ain’t got nothing on Davids! (Too bad Michaelangelo didn’t call his statue Daniel though, or that last sentence would be much more clever.)

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