a run of the myspace gamut

It’s time for today’s daily mocking of the MySpace crop!

For some reason, I’ve just been getting more random messages lately. Today’s is from Fabrizio. He’s 46, and his tagline is, “HI I AM SINGLE”

Really. Here’s his profile. He would also like to specify, “no drug or alcohol addictions please”.

His message is:

    SENT: Dec 11, 2005, 4:58PM
    SUBJECT: No Subject
    Right now I am simply making yourself aware that I exist, lol. I don’t like to
    write much on the first messsage, no reason for, but I am a excellent
    conversationalist (if i don’t get ingnored, lol), once I meet someone
    nice. I tried match.com for a while but I was very disappointed, so I
    am giving myspace a try, lol

Is it just me, or do I not expect someone who uses “lol” as a word in an email to be an “excellent conversationalist”?

I’m going to have to start running MySpace Mail Mockery as a series. I have a dozen of them backlogged that I’ve only kept for blog fodder.

3 responses to “a run of the myspace gamut

  1. man I hear more funny things about MySpace than any other internet things I swear… thats awesome!

  2. I deleted my friendster account because of all the spam messages I got. lol

  3. Come on, don’t you want to go to dinner and have some one say ‘brb, gotta pee’?

    I’m not sure we can be LJ friends anymore if you can’t appreciate that being highly developed conversational skills.

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