nerd needed!

Can someone translate this Diesel Sweeties strip for me? I don’t speak enough Star Wars:

6 responses to “nerd needed!

  1. Alderaan was the planet that Princess Leia was from and it gets blown up – I’m assuming they are saying that Canada is disposable. Hoth was the ice planet in the second movie so that’s the cold Alaska/Canada connection. The last planet is Skywalker’s home planet.

  2. Alderaan was a peaceful and diplomatic country. Hoth was crazy, freezing place with nasty snow monsters.

  3. My 2 cents

    Canada: pristine, picturesque place that is likely to be the first thing to go when the war comes.

    Harumph. But that was funny.

  4. ummmm…don’t you live with a giant star wars nerd?

    unless you two got rid of him?

    you didn’t get rid of him, did you?

  5. Who would fix things, kill spiders, and hook up electronics?

    I just figured it was funnier to post it.

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