things listened to this week

Here’s what my MP3 player says I have been listening to the most this week: Finnish glam rock and UK emo. Oh, and I spend about 20% of my time listening to Nine Inch Nails or Depeche Mode.

1. Depeche Mode :: Enjoy the Silence (live version)
2. Nine Inch Nails :: Right Where It Belongs (this is so the new “hurt”)
3. Madonna :: Hung Up (I blame my roomate)
4. Infusion :: Better World (although not the Adam Freeland remix)
5. Sunny Day Real Estate :: Friday (one of my favorite SDRE songs, reminds me very much of Seattle)
6. Imogen Heap :: I Am In Love With You (this is SO my new favorite album)
7. The Subways :: I Want To Hear… (entirely too catchy)
8. Depeche Mode :: Suffer Well
9. Alice in Chains :: We Die Young (did I mention how much I loved AiC?)
10. Negative :: In My Heaven (Finnish glam-rock, off a Scandinavian punk bands compilation)
11. Doves :: Hit The Ground Running (I have been on a Doves kick lately)
12. H.I.M. :: Wings of a Butterfly (more Scandinavian glam rock)
13. Snow Patrol :: Ways and Means (I like “Final Straw” more the more I listen to it)
14. Dirty Vegas :: Home Again (I hate admitting this)
15. She Wants Revenge :: Black Liner Run (I cannot wait until this CD comes out in the US)
16. Abandoned Pools :: Sooner or Later (Sunny Day soundalikes)
17. Collide :: Euphoria (local dream-goth)
18. Nine Inch Nails :: Only
19. Depeche Mode :: Precious
20. Iris :: Loom (one of my favorite synthgoth tracks)

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