for those back in BC

Metroblogging Vancouver is now online!

I am a big fan of the keystone site,, so I can hope that its Vancouver cousin attracts as many entertaining bloggers to post about as much random stuff as my local sources do.

Speaking of that though – nafspeak, I totally think you should contact them & ask to blog. It would be a fantastic place for your news posts & quizzes. Ditto mhalachai. I think cracksmurf for shows and events that he’s working, and spadoink should post his photos and observations and sharolyn should just post her musings. All my friends back in Vancouver truly love the city, and are very talented & outgoing people who should be blogging on that site. If only so I know what’s going on for weekends that I’m home.

And on that note, I mass e-mailed a lot of you people today, because I have some time to kill Saturday night and Sunday daytime back in Vancouver. If you are reading this and were NOT on that e-mail, then I forgot, because I’m brain-dead today, and I apologize, and you can comment & tell me what’s happening back home that I can use as an excuse to get off the Island on Saturday.

4 responses to “for those back in BC

  1. ok pretty boss(y) lady. i went, i looked, i applied.

  2. hey! it was a suggestion made in a passive-aggressive way through LJ! bossy is when i email you and demand you apply because otherwise there won’t be anyone with your photo talent on the site 😛

  3. hmmmmm. you have your way of looking at things, i have my way of abject compliance.

    anyways, they accepted and i’ll start blogging on it in a few days.

  4. That was fast – and that’s fantastic 🙂 I look forward to keeping up with Vancouver even MORE through your words.

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