everything counts in large amounts

I can’t begin to express how absolutely wonderful the Depeche Mode concert was last night. The two hours they were on stage just flew by. It was everything I’d hoped it would be. Two hours of dancing in place and singing along and screaming when I heard the opening notes of “Never Let Me Down” or “I Feel You” or “Enjoy the Silence” (which is ten times better live than any studio version)

More later. Only smartass remark I have to make is, to hell with “Love, Angel, Music, Baby.” The four words that were part of the Depeche Mode set were, “Sex, Pain, Angel, Love.” And they are the only musical artist that can take such sheer joy in singing about that.

One response to “everything counts in large amounts

  1. They are the best live indeed. I have had the pleasure of seeing them 3 times with the exception of this last tour. Awesome always.

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