oh. this explains EVERYTHING.

My mother read me my horoscope yesterday to explain why I’ve been messed up over the last week:

(from GeorgiaNichols.com, our family’s favorite astrologer)

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)
Your ambitions about your job, your career and what you want to achieve at home have been hijacked by your obsessive confusion about relationships. Either you feel inadequate and full of fault, or you see somebody else in that position. You have to admit that either way, it’s a learning curve! They say the ultimate knowledge is to “know thyself.” But it’s humbling to see your own shortcomings. (I love my longcomings.) Nevertheless, these are valuable observations. You’re at the beginning of a new journey (about 30 years); and one of the first things you’re going to do is to reinvent yourself. Therefore, you’ve gotta know what kind of raw material you have to start with – right?

That’s disturbingly accurate. Maybe I had to fall to pieces to rebuild myself. Those balls of fusing hydrogen/helium sure do know what they’re talking about!

One response to “oh. this explains EVERYTHING.

  1. errrr, that kinda works for me right now too, but I am an Aries. any words of wisdom for me?

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