for the gloomy among us

One of my favorite songs, ever, is Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart. This means that I think the Fall Out Boy version of it just sucks. Actually, will someone please explain why that band is so popular, other than having a Simpsons-reference name and overly verbose song names? I was thoroughly underwhelmed by that album.

However, I am listening to She Wants Revenge tonight, and let me just say – it’s awesome and I should have listened to these songs sooner. My friend Kelly told me she thought I would love them. I do. It’s like Joy Division, but with more melody. I’m actually buying the CD because Rhapsody only has a couple singles – five songs total. And I rarely buy CDs thanks to my Rhapsody subscription. Even if the service’s description is, “murky retro-goth songs”. For the gloomy among us – I say download this now.

And on the note of “look! I’m so cutting edge! I listen to hipster music!”, The Like are fantastic. And local. They’re remind me occasionally of the Ditty Bops (who I think are fabulously talented), but are a little more modern sounding. I’m on something of a new music spree this week – so I’ll continue to post about it throughout the week.

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