breaking the habit, still

So far today I’ve only had one 12oz cup of half caffeine coffee.

Aren’t you all proud of me?

Actually, right now, I’m dreaming of cafe au lait. The Cafe du Monde kind, of course, the kind with the hot milk and chicory coffee that burns my tongue. Cafe du Monde opened again last week, by the way. If I wasn’t trying to cut dairy and caffeine, that news would make me open the last can of cafe au lait grounds in celebration.

Despite the promise I made myself two weeks ago, when work got tough, my habit came back full force. I was back up to four to five cups a day again last week. This time, I’m going to quit – and I mean it. I’ll just go for a walk when I get tired! Really!

Of course, we all know that in about an hour, I’ll be screaming for a Mocha Light Frappuccino with all the desperation of Ewan MacGregor in Trainspotting begging for one more hit – especially since I’m trying to get the sugar back out of my diet as well.

But in the meantime – I’m going to get myself off this caffeine habit. And the sugar. AND all the other junk that has crept in there.

This time, I promise.

I give it a few days before I cave.

One response to “breaking the habit, still

  1. What’s the rush to kick the habit? Caffeine has been studied vigorously, and so far there are no real bad side effects to be found: although the body absorbs less calcium with coffee in the system, raised blood pressure in some people, shakes, sleeplessness and discoloration of the teeth. Of course, all those side effects can be controlled, and are only of a real danger if say, you already had high blood pressure and have a family history of heart disease. Also, coffee is a proven, powerful antioxidant.

    That being said, a coffee or three a day does add up in the costs department, and it is slightly ridiculous being unable to function without the magic bean.

    Try what I did: switched to green tea in the morning, which has many beneficial side effects and not as much caffeine as a cuppajoe. It’s also a little more of a relaxing buzz compared to the big hit of java.

    Basically what I’m saying is, don’t kick yourself over coffee, there’s way worse things you could be doing to your body than that.

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