magic & miracles in los angeles

I live in a parallel universe L.A., I know. I live in an L.A. where miracles and magic happen that have nothing to do with talking freeway signs.

That said, here is something slightly magical. I say that because the fact that it even exists in L.A. must require magic:

The concept of a cornfield in downtown L.A., in its very heart, on the old railway switch exchange, makes me very happy indeed.

And in other miraculous news, my friends won their battle to stay in Lincoln Place today. Our local councilperson, Bill Rosendahl, put the final push on the effort, and AIMCO will not be able to destroy their homes & replace the “garden style apartment community” with overpriced condominiums. I will probably write the whole thing up at some point as an article/narrative so that I can distribute/publish the tale and give hope to others who are shadowed by Big Evil Corporations who are Threatening Their Community of Inexpensive Housing. But in the interim, it’s a miracle – no doubt caused by some sort of white magic – and I’m no end of joyful to hear it.

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