not. one. more.

The 2,000th soldier to die in the Lie On Terror was killed yesterday.

Protests are happening across America today. CodePINK is running several ( Wherever you live, readers, I’m certain there’s one to join.

At least we know the soldier body count. Or we think we do. One of the myths surrounding the war is that a portion of the MIA category are known dead, but it keeps the numbers down to reclassify them as “missing”.

However, we don’t know the Iraqi body count. And that, I believe, is sick. We’re not at war against the country; we’re in an operation against the insurgents. I think we have a right, as American citizens, to know how many civilian citizens of the Iraq we’re trying to free have been killed, on our $300 billion dime. I think we should be held accountable for every single child blinded by shrapnel, and owe reparations to every single family who loses an innocent member, by mistake to an American weapon.

If we’re not going to stop this fucking war, we should be accountable for it. After all, aren’t we supposed to be making Iraq a democracy? The argument I always get is, “the Iraqis are better off under US fire than they were under Saddam.” Because if that’s why we’re fighting in that country (since the WMD theory is, let’s face it, an Orwellian ghost story), then shouldn’t we be taking better care of it instead of doing this half-assed job?

I want my fucking body count.

2,000 Americans, however, are also dead. And I, as an American, say, not one more.

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