piracy on the high seas

I finished making my Hallowe’en costume today! It’s a pirate outfit! It came out about two degrees sluttier than I really wanted, but it’s just gothy enough to wear to Bar Sinister next Saturday. And it’s still a lot better than buying a costume online or off the shelf. Costumes in America are made to be trampy on five-five women. Put a jagged pirate miniskirt on my five-ten frame, and it’s just indecent.

I’ll post pictures as soon as possible. This is going to be a great Hallowe’en.

4 responses to “piracy on the high seas

  1. arrrrgh!

    I’d love to drop anchor in your lagoon…

  2. Ok, I’m an idiot! I just noticed that it’s Nibbler in Lela’s lap! Jesus, I need to pay more attention. BTW, I’m dying to see the costume!

  3. Not fair. You get to celebrate the traditional Skanky North American Halloween, whereas I’m stuck Sharing My Culture With Japanese Schoolchildren. 72 of them, to be exact. (pout)

  4. I cannot wait to see the pictures. You are always so creative.

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