from denmark, with love

I was woken up at 3am this morning by a guy calling from Denmark to follow up on his sale of international web advertising space to my poker client.

Three. In. The. Morning.

I told him it was 3am California time – and that I was in Los Angeles – and hung up. Even if I’d been in New York that would have been too early.

I find this ironic because I was watching a show last night on the Discovery/Times channel, about how the EU and its citizens relate to the United States on emotional, political and economic levels. Maybe this is why their people need to resort to blocking US products: THEY’RE NOT CHECKING THE TIME DIFFERENCE BEFORE MAKING SALES CALLS.

I called him back this morning. Our Vonage works to Europe now! Yay!

By the way, no wonder we all hate France in this country. I mean, I distrust them for a set of very legitimate World War Two reasons, but I think we distrust them now because they know that George W is a crazy Christian with no respect for the Second Amendment.

3 responses to “from denmark, with love

  1. Actually, I think the Second Amendment is about the only one Dubya DOES respect.

  2. Hold on – because I’m stupider than usual due to SLEEP DEPRIVATION, which is the separation of church & state one? Maybe the 2nd is the bearing arms one.

  3. If you want to get picky, 2nd is the well-regulated militia one, but everyone ignores that and calls it the guns one.

    The only amendment that even mentions religions is the First, and Bush has proven it easy enough to legally sidestep.

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