at work

I’m actually at work right now. Not at my office, but really, I might as well be. I’m working on the Day Job stuff – launching a couple campaigns and catching up on a third.

I received a sort of lateral promotion in the case of a complete department re-organization two weeks ago. I’ve been a Media Buyer of some sort for a couple years now, ever since I started with Spotted Dog in May of 2003. But now, not only am I a media buyer, but I’m also handling the accounts. I am now performing the task of an Interactive Acccount Manager as well as that of a Media Buyer. So I deliver reports, work with the clients on campaign goals and direction, liaison with creative, and keep in touch with the non-Internet side of the campaign, plus keep track of all the media buying, from requesting proposals to executing the plan and sending everything to the trafficking team to be sent out to the sites I advertise on. I cut sites that aren’t working and add in ones that do – and I now actually have to make sure that I stay on budget and pacing to do it.

In some ways, it’s not different from what I was doing at Tribal/DDB, but in a lot of ways, it’s very different. I was much more hands on in my last job, but much less concerned with the running of the account. Now, I’m the day to day contact for two clients, and I’m likely to get a third soon enough, once it gets going. And that is very very time and attention consuming.

And then there’s the other things that have to do with Overall Long Term Career Within Company. Like working with junior team members to integrate them into the accounts, so they can transition up to my job, and I can get promoted up to Senior Interactive Account Manager. Or learning all the tools of the trade we use to measure site traffic (Nielsen makes tools for Web ratings as well as TV ratings). Or learning search engine management tools, and how to find out where a client is lacking in search. Or re-organizing how my department does internal filing – which can be a major step towards efficiency.

And then there’s the big challenge: better integration between Internet, TV, print and radio. My big career goal is to work on completely integrated campaigns, where each major media type is utilized for its unique properties, and complements all advertising being done on all the other media types. That’s what I’ve been working towards since I started at Tribal/DDB a year and a half ago. And that’s why I went to a company where I would get the opportunity to do that.

And that’s just the day job. I’m currently working on some major campaigns for my poker client, using advertorial and more targeted approaches to entice more quality players to the site. It should be brilliant, if it works. Actually, if I execute it properly, it’ll be a resume/portfolio campaign, something to take to the next employer in 2007. “In 2005, I successfully aligned niche audiences with thematically compatible promotions to encourage signups.” I’m very good with media buying ideas, ways to align products with audiences, ways to get people drawn into advertising that’s cleverly disguised as content. That’s what I love about my job. But as much as I’m delighted to get the opportunity to do something this creative for my poker client, it still keeps me up to work on.

Regardless. It helps to write all this down, because it reminds me what it is I’m working towards. But I should still be entering data right now, rather than slacking off to write blog entries. I guess the point is – if anyone’s awake, keep me company on Trillian. I’ll be working for a while.

2 responses to “at work

  1. Jillian, I miss Trillian.

    sorry. couldn’t resist.


  2. It’s great to read that the professional life is this fulfilling.

    Also have been enjoying reading about you and Carly and your re-Canada-ing.

    *hug from UK*

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