the wagon just ran me over

I’m supposed to be working on my freelance job, but I’ve been too exhausted to do anything but nap today. I’ve had a couple of really exhausting weeks, after all. I’ve had a major, stressful move happen. I’ve had the Week From Hell at work, where everything came crashing down. I’ve been to Washington and back, on very little sleep and a lot of adrenaline. Now, it feels like my body and mind are both just saying, “no,” when I try to move. “No, not without chemicals,” they say, and I do not want to feed my addictions. No coffee, no nicotine – and no sugar.

After all, with the guidance of my new roomate, I’ve been back on a processed-food-free diet for the last couple days. I’ve realized that a lot of junk food had sneaked its way back into my dietary regimen (including sugar and white flour in small doses), but I hadn’t realized how much of what I was eating was simple carbohydrates – ie., insulin-producing, instant-energy, sugar-crash crap.

So. After one day on a Raw Foods diet, I’m already suffering from the kind of detox symptoms it usually took two days on the Fat Flush plan to elicit: headache, loss of energy, and a slight light headed feeling. I’ve been eating protein and vegetables and fruit and nuts all day. And, of course, flax snacks: flax seeds held together with a base of pureed vegetables and flax flour, spread thin on tinfoil and left to turn crispy in the sun on our roof.

On the bright side, this is definitely going to get me off the sugar and flour and processed foods again. On the down side, it just means a low energy Sunday in which I stay home and work.

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