eurasia is coming to get us (we have always been at war with eurasia)

The Ottoman Empire is coming for Bush:

I’d like to remind Bush that up until about a hundred years ago, there WAS an Islamic Empire in that territory. It was called the Ottoman Empire! In fact, traditionally, there has always been an Islanmic empire stretching from Spain across to India. And it was there hundreds of years before Lewis and Clark claimed North America for Jefferson.

However, I have a Code Pink meeting right now. So I don’t have time to rant much, even though I’m sick of seeing our president impose Western ideals and neo-classical democratic models on every single culture that he can profit by. But it seems that the protests last weekend are causing Bush to step up the propaganda. That’s good. He’s running scared. I like that. I have to go work now to find more ways to get the American public’s attention, so that approval rating can go down even further.

Those who do not know history – are not only doomed to repeat it, but to be frightened when it does repeat. And I find fear really fucking pointless, thank you – and in this context, it’s downright Orwellian.

Why do these statements sound less like rationalization and more like the ravings of a lunatic?

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