from l.a. to d.c. and back in less than 72 hours

I’ll be back at LAX seventy-one hours after I left.

Here are some clips of the reason I came out here!

In my time in DC, I have:

  • been in a meeting with fifty women from all over America (various CODEPINK chapters)
  • seen Joan Baez sing (as did my mother before me at Vietnam protests) and heard Margot Kidder speak
  • met the founders of my antiwar group
  • marched with 10,000 women down Pennsylvania Ave.
  • marched with THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE through the streets of DC
  • carried a twelve foot tall pink slip reading FIRE BUSH in said march
  • met an absolutely amazing local guy in the process of protesting
  • spent the rest of the day walking around the Mall so the same guy could show me around
  • consumed grits in the state of Virginia
  • saw the Smithsonian American History Museum
  • met boadiccea in person for the first time!
  • visited the Green Festival put on by Global Exchange
  • saw a screening of the Ground Truth at Busboys and Poets
  • learned how to go without sleep almost entirely.

    It’s been an amazing experience, and I’ll write the whole thing up on the plane tomorrow. Meanwhile, I have to be out of here in two hours to catch Metro to the airport, and I have to come down from the weekend enough to work.

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