time to panic

I’m just realizing that in the next few days I have to:

  • finish two powerpoints and get three site buys going for my online poker freelance client
  • get a whole slew of reports and what not done for the job that is actually on my resume
  • start packing to move
  • erase and reinstall everything on my laptop so it will function decently well when I take it to DC on Thursday. I’ll be working from the wifi at the CODEPINK house, not only on my real jobs, but also as the official Code Pink blogger and web updater for the weekend.
  • figure out how I’m supposed to come up with the outstanding cash for first month plus deposit on the new house, given that I have maybe half of it available until I actually get paid for all this on the 1st.

    Oh, it’s time to panic. Right.

    Actually, this month, my career’s starting to take a very upward leaning curve. This is causing me to have to rethink my priorities. There’s a fantastic opportunity for me to take charge and get a senior staff position at my day job in the next year or so, and I have to jump on that. My work at the poker client is, ironically, more rewarding than it was when I did the same job with my old agency, which is yet another opportunity to do some of the work that will push me forward in my career in integrated campaign planning.

    Yet I feel petty and materialistic chasing money & career again after I had sworn that those things didn’t matter. That I was going to devote myself to ending Iraq and then applying those resources wasted on the war to fixing my own America. I promised myself that I was going to start helping to fix everything wrong with L.A. from the inside out. I know this is the time to chase the job, but when is the time to save the world?

    Regardless. Exciting times ahead, at both day and night jobs! Move coming up to surf shack! And I may not sleep until I get on that red-eye flight to DC-via-Atlanta on Thursday night…but sometimes, that’s the way it goes when you try to be Supergirl.

  • 2 responses to “time to panic

    1. Ahem — the name is Surf Shaque, thank you very much.


    2. I think you are a crazy workaholic, but admire you so much for everything you do. I wish I had half the drive you do!!
      Good luck!

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