digital cable time machine

Really, the saddest part of the new digital cable is WHAT I’M USING IT TO WATCH.

I spent half an hour today watching old alt-rock videos from the late 80s and early 90s on VH1 Classic. Including Tori Amos’ version of Smells Like Teen Spirit and Sonic Youth’s Kool Thing. I managed to catch the first episode of Invader Zim on Nicktoons. I’m probably going to watch Daria in an hour, if I’m still up. I’ve been running the 90s music channel in the background to clean house.

In short, I’m using digital cable to revert back to being sixteen. Hey, if I can’t get a time machine back to 1994, I can sure find a way to relive it through the magic of Comcast.

2 responses to “digital cable time machine

  1. oh no you’re using technology to watch things you enjoy!!!

    …wait. isn’t that what it’s for?

  2. Oh, yeah, true, but the speed at which I was able to use it to regress back to 1994 was faster than expected.

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