we got the surf shack!

We just handed over a deposit check & signed the lease agreement for the house commonly referred to as the “Surf Shack” (My entry is here; Carly’s is here.)

We are not just leaving Casa Mar Vista on the 1st. We are leaving it for an apartment across the street from the each. We are going to spend a year living in one of America’s mythological cities, a place almost everyone in the Western world has heard of, a place that has an image in the nation’s consciousness.

This is going to be epic.

2 responses to “we got the surf shack!

  1. All I can think of is the summer-at-the-beach scene from Blow.

  2. sweet…
    I’m currently looking into teaching in Mexico for a year, so I can assure you if that happens I will be taking sabaticals into LA to partake in some rooftop fun-ness

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