counting down to the angel

I’m listening to Songs of Faith & Devotion for about the third time today, because I know my roomates are around, and I don’t want them to know that I’m still listening to Precious. On repeat. For twenty minutes, if you count the time I spent watching the video. It’s way better than anything off Exciter, of course. I think it’s up there with Songs or with Violator.

On that note, I also just found the poster from the Exciter show that I went to in 2001. On eBay. It will be here in time to hang on a wall wherever we move to.

Anyways. Pre-sale info is out for the Depeche Mode tour this fall. Basically, it involves pre-ordering Playing the Angel on iTunes. Then you get a password to take to Ticketmaster on the 20th when the tickets go on pre-sale, and you can buy priority seating for the stadium shows. Which, really, is the only way to get seats close enough to see the band. I had seats in the seventeenth row or so for Exciter, but the PNE venue in Vancouver is far smaller than the Staples Center in L.A., and I don’t want to have to stand on a seat, in full goth wear, just to see the screen.

(It’s very easy to trip over a full-length triple-layer taffeta-and-lace skirt when standing on a chair. I know this because I almost fell off my chair at Nine Inch Nails in 2000)

I will buy the iTunes, even though the album doesn’t come out until October. And I’m probably going to buy the CD anyways, so I’m paying my $12 basically for advance ticket privileges. And iTunes isn’t even compatible with my iRiver MP3 player, which only works with MP3 and WMA formats. So I’ll have to Tunebite the CD to be able to listen to it in portable format. It annoys me that I’m limited to this option to get the pre-sale tickets, but hey, I imagine the iPod owners are happy.

3 responses to “counting down to the angel

  1. Depeche Mode

    How does it stack up against ‘Ultra’? Just curious…

  2. What format does iTunes give you, if not MP3?

  3. I got the preorder too, I want GREAT seats!!!

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