too much to do

Friday, I had to pick two of four things I wanted to do:

  • synagogue OR the Code Pink speaker series
  • the Critical Mass “Midnight Ridazz” event downtown OR dufresne‘s party in Sherman Oaks

    I chose to sleep until it was time to go to the Valley, of course, and missed three of the four. But this is the problem with this city. I can’t stop to waste time or I’ll miss something. There’s just so much I want to do!

    I realized this morning, while scrubbing ten pounds of carrots for Food Not Bombs (who feed the homeless in Venice – another place I show up to help) that I missed the Aeolian Ride yesterday. And I was too tired to go out to either party I’d been invited to, the toy fundraiser in Beverly Hills or the house party in Manhattan Beach. I stayed home and watched Metropolis (1927) instead, until I fell asleep watching it, and crashed for eleven hours.

    There isn’t enough energy or hours in the day for everything, and I’m having issues making sure I get to sleep on time so I can have the strength to fit it all in. I’ll figure this out eventually – but right now, I just want to get as much into my life as I can. And that’s a tough challenge in a city with just too much happening in it.

  • 4 responses to “too much to do

    1. was that daniel’s ‘i’m going to england and you can’t catch me’ going away party?

    2. yes indeed it was.
      make sure he gets invited to your wedding 😉

    3. i think he’s on the list.
      why do you say this though?

    4. so you guys can re-unite, of course, and so i know i’ll see him when he gets home.

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