too much to do

Friday, I had to pick two of four things I wanted to do:

  • synagogue OR the Code Pink speaker series
  • the Critical Mass “Midnight Ridazz” event downtown OR dufresne‘s party in Sherman Oaks

    I chose to sleep until it was time to go to the Valley, of course, and missed three of the four. But this is the problem with this city. I can’t stop to waste time or I’ll miss something. There’s just so much I want to do!

    I realized this morning, while scrubbing ten pounds of carrots for Food Not Bombs (who feed the homeless in Venice – another place I show up to help) that I missed the Aeolian Ride yesterday. And I was too tired to go out to either party I’d been invited to, the toy fundraiser in Beverly Hills or the house party in Manhattan Beach. I stayed home and watched Metropolis (1927) instead, until I fell asleep watching it, and crashed for eleven hours.

    There isn’t enough energy or hours in the day for everything, and I’m having issues making sure I get to sleep on time so I can have the strength to fit it all in. I’ll figure this out eventually – but right now, I just want to get as much into my life as I can. And that’s a tough challenge in a city with just too much happening in it.

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