on the road to new orleans…

I have heard from my friend Kevin, the magician I date when I’m in town. He’s fine, because he’s been living & working in Michigan for months. But his second story apartment by the levee in east New Orleans is very much not.

Everyone he knows – the few people I knew through him – made it out OK before Katrina. And sammynella informed me that the bed and breakfast owners we stayed with in the Garden District as fine as well, and that their house was not destroyed.

No surprises, no tremendous losses in my first degree of connectivity to the Crescent City. I wish everyone was that lucky.

2 responses to “on the road to new orleans…

  1. Well, when I heard from Raynell was before the levees ruptured. Honestly, I haven’t had the heart to re-email her. I will later this week though. I did seen on cnn.com that they do have the levees under repair and they are starting to pump out the city. I get the impression that most of the damage from the levees was to the Quarter and points eastward. So, I’m hopeful that the B&B is still intact. Don’t know about looters though. Like I said, I’ll re-email Raynell later this week. I have a feeling that she and Luis are still in San Antonio though. I have finally heard from everyone else I know in New Orleans and they are all safe. Edward and his family are living in Houston until further notice. Lauren’s family are also in Houston, but plan on moving to Atlanta until they can get back into the city. Rob is in North Shore with his family and is safe as well. So, that’s all I know from the Louisiana front. I have a friend in Baton Rouge and she is doing well. They are just trying to help all the refugees from NO as much as they can. I’ve sent water, food, diapers, formula, clothes and money, and this week, the hospital is sending medical supplies. There is talk of personnel from our hospital being sent, and if they decide to send some one from the lab, you KNOW that I will be the first in line to volunteer. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. Oh, and so sorry to hear about Kevin’s apartment! I’m glad he was safe in Michigan though. Did he say how Thom and his wife are?

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