moving out

I gave notice at my house today. There are too many things wrong with it, and my girl roomate was beginning to hate me. Funny, that. I’m not even going into it. Her response was, “good, I’m glad you’re leaving.” To both of us. Where I go, my guy roomate goes. My fault for feeding him.

I’m going to wait to go into this until I’m out, but let’s just say…it’s a little stressful.

And I’m already stressed because I’m working from home today, and watching CNN with my parents in the background, and praying. Dad is yelling at the TV. “THAT’S NOT HOW YOU REPAIR A BLOODY LEVEE! Use a bloody barge, you stupid Americans!” And I’m yelling along with him. “WHY ARE THE NATIONAL GUARD ALL IN IRAQ?”

Hey Bush? How many people are dying in Louisiana tonight because you sent the National Guard to kill Iraqis instead of saving Americans? Maybe there would be the manpower to distribute food and water…IF WE WEREN’T FIGHTING A PROFIT WAR.


It’s not a good day. The French Quarter is going to be OK, with minimal flooding and looting, but I can’t even be glad about that in the wake of the misery that I’m watching on CNN. And likening ourselves to refugees isn’t funny anymore.


I may as well go for a walk.

7 responses to “moving out

  1. You’re on your walk right now, but I just wanted to give you a hug.

  2. Ummm…the national guard is not all in Iraq. They are handling the evacuations into Texas and such. And the marines were on the scene as of Wednesday morning (takes time to get those amphibious machines working). Coast guard has been mobilized since Tuesday.

    The Army Corps of Engineers has (correctly) determined to plug the levees for now. Incidentally, it’s hard to get a barge through the flooded city to the north lake. But right now, the objective is to stave off the flow of water into the city, then get the water out of the city, then perform permanent repairs to the levees.

  3. I didn’t say all. Just enough that there’s people eating ice for hydration because there isn’t the manpower or resources to deliver.

    Also – federal funds to the levees of New Orleans were cut. Likely to go to the war as well. How much death and misery could be avoided if the Louisiana Nat’l Guard members in Iraq were there to help their own people?

  4. More like there isn’t the technology. With all the crap floating around, it’s not an issue of manpower, but safety and dealing with hazards. This is not a simple disaster, and people are writing the manuals as they go along.

    Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who’s there and who’s not. Fact is, you can’t stop a hurricane. If there were no war, there would have been more people caught in the storm. In the end, it all evens out, unfortunately.

  5. No, there should be food airlifted in, and people airlifted out. Trucks shoudl go in with food and come out with people. The roads are functioning, as is the airport. There is ANARCHY in the Superdome and in the streets, gang rapes at the Convention Center – there just doesn’t seem to be people coming in from outside.

  6. Yeah I’m pretty appalled that they don’t seem like they are doing much of anything 😦 and as for the roomate, thats why I got a guy one too – girl ones usually fight me.

  7. I’ve had girl ones I got along fine with. I LOVED my roomate from UBC, and the one from my shared house in Vancouver was great. This one in L.A. just tends to project issues a bit too much, and says very hurtful things as a result. Some girls are OK…some are just crazy bitches.

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