new orleans

There is a hurricane heading for New Orleans today. You’d think with all that voodoo, all those witches, all that magic, it would be averted. You’d think that whatever magic has protected the city so far would step in. New Orleans has survived in America, despite all odds, without being made corporate or bland. I would cry if it didn’t survive Katrina.

I can only hope, I suppose. I can’t bear to think of Cafe du Monde destroyed, of never being able to sit there, writing at three AM, pretending to be Tennessee Williams. I would be terribly sad if anything happened to the French Market, or to the Place d’Armes. It would be a tragedy if it is not the same when I get back, because I’ll go to New Orleans as often as I possibly can (including, possibly, Hallowe’en this year if I can get away with it)

I can only hope that whatever black magic has saved the city so far is still there, and that the hurricane passes by again. It would break my heart if the history in the city was broken.

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  1. There are a few others that have made direct hits on the city before, and its survived, but under a lot of water. The real issue is if those dikes hold up or not.

    I’m with you though, with everything down there, you wonder how on earth the city could be destroyed

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