the middle of a long week

news from the front
I was at the CodePINK house tonight, working on the fashion show. I’m so excited about that. I’m doing a lot of the design and some of the actual modeling, and it’s the first time I’ve been involved in anything like this.

And, of course, CodePINK is Cindy-crazy this week. Now, I’m concerned about the statement Cindy Sheehan made about her son dying for Israel, not America. And I’m a little leery about the amount of publicity she’s generated. But I also know that someone has to be the metaphor for all the parents grieving for their sons and daughters killed in this idiotic war. And Cindy is providing a nucleus for a movement that didn’t have a focus a few weeks ago. She’s a face and a name, tears and a statement, to represent all the other thousands of heartbroken loved ones.

And, best of all, she’s making an idiot out of our President, becuase he’s off on vacation napping and not meeting with Cindy. Napping. NAPPING. Can someone get him some coffee so he can answer to the symbol for parents of soldiers?

and in the economy-related section of the report
This is Week One of the new job. Not that I’m doing much yet. Which just makes me homesick for my old office at Tribal, with all the communally organized files and folders, and my neat row of client binders. I don’t have structured tasks yet, and my role is different than it was a week ago:

ME: “So we don’t have to traffic the ads into the adserving software?”
BOSS: “Nope, that’s done in New York.”
ME: “And we don’t have to pull report information from the ad serving software?”
BOSS: “Nope, the data’s pulled by the numbers guy.”
ME: “Um. What do I do then?”

That’s yet to be determined. So far, I’m just reviewing media plans, learning some new tools, reading Gmail. Lots. Of. Gmail, because my birthday is coming up soon, and has to be planned. I have also managed to avoid what I referred to as “pulling an Andrew”, which I traditionally do on the first day at work when I cause a coffee machine incident. The coffee machine at the new company uses single servings in plastic cups, and individually brews each cup, and is pretty much dumbass proof, albeit totally non environmentally sustainable. Much of the Sunshine Landfill out in the Valley is probably plastic cups which used to hold single servings of chocolate almond flavored grounds.

and on a lighter note
Finally, in home life, Casa Mar Vista is getting some changes. One of which is, apparently, a hot tub. My girl roomate found one on Craigslist and decided it was a great idea. This has resulted in two days worth of logistics. We have to figure out how to get it here from a mile away. Not to mention how we’re going to power it, because it will require revisions to the outside outlet to get the 150 amp current needed. But somehow, us two girls are the only ones worrying about that. All the guys connected to us are just convinced that as soon as we get the hot tub, all the women that hang out around here will strip and jump in it.

We’ll see if we go through with getting it after that.

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